Aldango is a Rwandan registered legal entity with a vision of developing businesses in thegold and precious metal sector in Rwanda and the entire continent at large.

Aldango is a state-of-the-art mega refining facility that offers the highest quality standards in line with refining, assaying, manufacturing, exporting as well as serving the mining sector in the region.

The company is desirous of adding great value to the nascent gold sector in Rwanda and beyond so as to change the face of mineral wealth in the region and solve the so called resource curse that has befallen richest nations in sub Saharan Africa. This is through the company’s robust KCY (know your customer) and strict compliance policy.

Rwanda,with an ambition of being the development hub in the region and with its vigorous and robust regulatory regime, is ensuring that the extracts sector is streamlined for the better development of the region.

The company prides itself on transparency, accountability and clean business operation, this is what we bring to all our partners in this massive investment in the sector. Aldango is a proud provider of jobs, transfer of skills and technology as well as being a great source of economic stimulation in the form of taxes and foreign exchange to the Rwandan economy and its people.

Aldango is in compliant with the international mineral due diligence standards such as: UN, OECD, and ICGLR not forgetting the local mechanisms in place.

Aldango LTD

Aldango LTD is located in Special Economic Zone , Kigali , Rwanda .

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